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What To Know About Community Solar

Community solar projects are popping up all over the country- it’s likely there is one near you. This innovative solar power system is sometimes called a solar garden and is a solar plant or collection of panels that is shared by more than property to generate electricity. Community solar can refer to community-owned projects and […]

The Midwest is Predicted To Become Solar Powerhouse

A report from Fitch Solutions Marco Research predicts that the Midwest United States is set to drive the nation towards 100 GW of solar power expected in the next 10 years. The report, titled Midwest US Set To Experience Strong Growth In Solar Sector, makes a bold prediction about the farming region in regards to […]

How The Solar Tax Credit Works

The use of solar power has increased in the past decade. Consumers have become more environmentally conscious and the costs of going solar have gone down thanks to government incentives like the 2019 solar tax credit. Solar power doesn’t pollute, rely on gas or coal, but can be much more expensive than the less environmentally-friendly […]

Solar Garden Atop A Parking Structure, Dream or Realty?

rooftop solar garden

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has teamed up with a renewable energy cooperative to build a community solar garden on the top level of the Ramp A parking garage in downtown Minneapolis, the first such project to be built on MnDOT right of way. In the spring, Minneapolis-based Cooperative Energy Futures (CEF) will install a […]