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Is solar power right for you? What incentives are available to help you save money and energy with solar panels? Will they work on your house or business*s rooftop? ARP Solar panel installers will provide expert advice so that everyone benefits from the sun's free energy.

We will work to design a system that meets your needs, now and into the future. We understand there can be many questions and we have designed our process to be educational and consultative. We will ensure you are comfortable with the equipment and the process of bringing clean energy to your home or business.

ARP Solar has been installing solar panels for residential, commercial, and non-profit Solar Power and Storage Systems since 2008. We have knowledgeable, NABCEP certified associates ready to ensure your project is successful. If you are motivated by the environment, finances, or your energy independence, we can help.

We ask for a copy of your most recent utility bill to get an understanding of your needs for your home/ business. From this, our team will design a solution for you that balances your usage, your budget, and any other considerations you might have.

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