The $128 Million Plan to Boost Solar

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The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) plans to spend $128 million on new solar power projects. Funding will focus on 75 current research projects that are set to cut solar costs while increasing solar use, increasing solar manufacturing, and preparing solar power grids against cyberattacks.

The funds for the will go towards the following projects:

Photovoltaics Research and Development

$23.6 million is being allocated to fund 21 project that will reduce the cost of solar in order to provide more affordable electricity. The PV projects will focus on increasing solar performance while decreasing manufacturing costs. These projects also will focus on improving PV cells.

Concentrating Solar Power Research and Development

These 13 projects aim to research concentrated solar power so all solar systems can provide power any time, during any season, as well as decrease the cost of solar power to a targeted $0.05 per kilowatt-hour. The research in this project hopes to create a way for concentrated solar energy to be stored for at least 12 hours of future use. This project will explore new materials and technology.

Soft Cost Reduction

19 research projects are being funded by $17.6 million that hope to find ways to reduce the costs of the non-hardware components of a solar power system. This project has a goal of helping reduce the cost of solar panel systems for consumers and businesses.

Manufacturing Innovations

This portion of the project is set to help companies with early stage solar products in order to increase solar products on the market, as well as help contribute to solar product manufacturing.

Advanced Solar Systems Integration Technologies

These projects focus on improving power grid operations to increase the amount of solar power, as well funds to help develop new technology that will allow for an increase.This portion of the project also focuses on protecting power grids and solar power from cyberattacks.