Canada’s Largest Solar Project To Begin Construction in 2020

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The 400-megawatt solar facility will be the largest operating in the country. Greengate Power, the group building the facility says construction will begin in 2020, with operations starting in 2021.The Alberta Utilities Commission granted approval for the Travers Solar Project in August.

The facility is set to supply electricity to over 100,000 homes and is being constructed in Vulcan County, Alberta.

At 400-megawatts, the project would be in the upper end of large-scale solar plants. In North America, the other largest plants include the 550 megawatt Topaz Solar Farms project and the 586 megawatt Solar Star Projects facility, both located in California.

Solar capacity in Canada stood at 3,040 MW in 2018, with most of it based in Ontario, according to Natural Resources Canada. At the moment, the country’s biggest PV farms include the Sol-Luce Kingston facility and Grand Renewable Energy Park, which both have a capacity of 100 MW. By contrast, the country’s hydroelectricity capacity was 80,764 MW in 2017.

Source: CNBC