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What To Know About Community Solar

Community solar projects are popping up all over the country- it’s likely there is one near you. This innovative solar power system is sometimes called a solar garden and is a solar plant or collection of panels that is shared by more than property to generate electricity. Community solar can refer to community-owned projects and […]

The $128 Million Plan to Boost Solar

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) plans to spend $128 million on new solar power projects. Funding will focus on 75 current research projects that are set to cut solar costs while increasing solar use, increasing solar manufacturing, and preparing solar power grids against cyberattacks. The funds for the will go towards the following projects: […]

Canada’s Largest Solar Project To Begin Construction in 2020

The 400-megawatt solar facility will be the largest operating in the country. Greengate Power, the group building the facility says construction will begin in 2020, with operations starting in 2021.The Alberta Utilities Commission granted approval for the Travers Solar Project in August. The facility is set to supply electricity to over 100,000 homes and is […]