The Midwest is Predicted To Become Solar Powerhouse

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A report from Fitch Solutions Marco Research predicts that the Midwest United States is set to drive the nation towards 100 GW of solar power expected in the next 10 years.

The report, titled Midwest US Set To Experience Strong Growth In Solar Sector, makes a bold prediction about the farming region in regards to the increase of solar use in the United States.

The prediction is based on the region’s already extensive use of solar power, especially in farming-what the region is known for.

The Midwest already has a large solar pipeline proposal project in the works with a total added capacity of 79 GWac that are already registered with the grids that cover the region. 6.6 GW of solar power is under construction or in the late stages of planning with an estimated completion date of 2023.

The strive for solar in the region is due in part to increased interest in renewable energy. Wisconsin has a 100% carbon-free electricity goal by 2050. Chicago has made recent progress in renewable energy with a pledge for carbon neutrality by 2050.

In 2019, utility companies in Missouri and Iowa launched their first community solar programs. These programs were so successful they filled up immediately.

Source: PV Magazine