Amazon Orders 100,000 EVs To Help Meet Climate Goal Ten Years Early

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Jeff Bezos has announced Amazon will sign up to a climate pledge with the aim of meeting the United Nations Paris Agreement climate goals 10 years early. He said Amazon will hit emission reduction targets by 2040, report its emissions regularly and implement decarbonization strategies. The company will balance out any remaining emissions with carbon offsets. Bezos wants 80 percent of Amazon’s energy use to come from renewable sources by 2024. The company plans to fully on renewable energy by 2030.

To meet these goals, Amazon is purchasing 100,000 electric delivery vans from Rivian. This is a $700 million investment round in the vehicle manufacturer earlier this year, contributing $440 million of that total. Amazon expects the first vans will be deployed by 2021,10,000 by 2024 and all 100,000 by 2030. He also announced a $100 million reforestation effort with the Nature Conservancy.

The pledge comes under mounting pressure from Amazon employees to take action on climate change. Earlier this year, thousands of them submitted a proposal to Amazon’s annual shareholder meeting urging Bezos to put together a climate change plan. Shareholders shot down the proposal.They’re demanding the company stop donating to lobbyists and politicians who deny climate change, that it stops working on fossil fuel extraction with oil and gas companies and that it reduces carbon emissions to zero by 2030.

Amazon has also announced the Shipment Zero plan which will make over half of its shipments carbon neutral by 2030.

Source: Engadget