Solar Chargers For Devices Are Worth Considering

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Gadgets need electricity, and depending on the energy source, that’s bad news for the environment and people living with the damage wrought from electricity generation.Renewable sources are making their way into the device charger market.

Portable solar chargers are used for mobile devices such as phones, tablets, cameras, handheld game consoles, Bluetooth electronics and more.

Most solar chargers double as power banks, not only creating electricity but also storing the energy inside a battery.

There are so many manufacturers of solar chargers that this is merely an introduction to considerations buyers might want to have before shopping for a solar charger / battery bank.

When purchasing a solar charger, compatibility to your device is vital.Using the wrong  charger with the incorrect voltage can damage your phone over time. Find out what charge ports are available with each power bank or solar charger. Many companies list which brands’ products are compatible. Look at whether the ports are USB-A, USB-C, or micro USB (the latter is common with Android devices).

Find out what charge ports are available with each power bank or solar charger.

How big is it? Is it easy to carry or heavy? Is it more like a brick, or a series of fold-out solar panels? Some chargers have four or more panels.

Your cell phone provider may sell or know about top solar powered cell phone chargers that are compatible with your current phone.

As renewable energy grows and becomes more mainstream, more solar powered devices such as chargers will become the norm.

Source: Free Weekly