Solar Panel Art Raises Awareness and Money for Developing Nations


The Solar Panel Art Series* was started to raise awareness of the potential for solar power in developed and developing nations. For the series, artists were commissioned to create works of art using solar panels as the medium. This year’s Solar Panel Art Series is being called the Transition Edition to call attention to the transition that the planet is undergoing and the transition that we must all make in response. It is our responsibility to future generations to take action, and to take action now.

Their creations are then auctioned off by Paddle8, with the proceeds going to Little Sun’s ‘Solar Kids School Program’ to provide renewable, sustainable light for school children and teachers in Rwanda. These students and teachers would otherwise rely on costly and dangerous kerosene for their light and the switch to solar lighting not only eliminates the emissions resulting from burning kerosene, it eliminates the fire safety hazard and the health hazard of burning kerosene indoors.