A Look At Solar In 2019

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It’s not an exaggeration to say that the solar market is exploding right now, with plenty of new solar energy sources and energy storage solutions being announced. And in the wake of new federal buy-ins, such as the U.S. Department of Energy’s recent pledge to contribute $53 million to new photovoltaic (PV) and solar energy projects, it’s clear that the industry is developing quick—especially compared to the markets in 2018.

We thought it’d be the perfect time to look at some of these new technologies, including many that we’re hoping to see in 2019!

What are the hottest solar technologies coming in 2019?

There are a few great solar technologies on the horizon, many of which involve new forms of solar panels that completely re-imagine how consumers can integrate solar into their lives.

Maxim Integrated Technology

If you haven’t heard of Maxim Integrated, you will soon. This California-based company is seeking to shake up the solar industry with new technologies that change the way solar panels route and generate electric power. This might be one of the best solar advancements we’ll see in 2019.

Clear Solar Panels

Imagine buildings as tall as skyscrapers completely powered by clean energy, free of any mounts, grids, or solar panel installations. It sounds hard to believe, but expect to start hearing about it in 2019.

Researchers are developing solar windows through clear films—placed on traditional window glass—that generate power by absorbing UV light. It’s a breakthrough technology that offers some interesting possibilities for buildings that want to decrease reliance on fossil fuels while maintaining a streamlined aesthetic to the outside world.

Bifacial Solar Panels

Earlier this year, solar experts predicted that bifacial solar panel wouldn’t see widespread adoption for another one or two years. But with the technology boom that the solar industry is seeing, we’re willing to bet that this one comes around sooner than many others on this list.

As their name suggests, bifacial solar panels are solar panels that absorb light from both sides. This means that at the right angle, the top of a panel could absorb light like normal while the bottom could absorb light reflected from other nearby surfaces—drastically increasing the power output of the panel.

Split Cell Solar Modules

Another exciting advancement to solar technology that might be hitting the shelves in 2019 is split solar panels. These panels are about half the size of traditional panels and have a new type of silicon chip architecture that supports solar thermal cycling, improves module longevity, and improves efficiency across the board.

Is Maxim cell optimization the best new solar technology in 2019?

It just might be.

When obstructions happen, power isn’t lost—it’s efficiently rerouted through the remaining cells to optimize output as much as possible. The overall cellular grid isn’t disrupted and there’s no risk of losing power to any other cells in the panel. This may be a way to achieving maximum efficiency where shading is present.

It sounds like a small change, but trust us on this-this advancement has the potential to disrupt a significant portion of the current solar industry.


source:  Solar Reviews