Cities and Companies Are Looking For More Wind and Solar Power

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It wasn’t that long ago that green energy was more of a dream than much of a reality. But as wind and solar energy have become cheaper to produce, easier to store and more reliable, renewable energy demand is growing in municipal governments and corporate boardrooms, according to a report from Deloitte, the New York-based auditing and business consulting firm.

Much of the new demand is coming from communities eager to improve quality of life and boost sustainability and companies focused on reducing their carbon footprint.

“Solar and wind are at the intersection of these goals,” according to the report, because they contribute to lowering pollution while encouraging clean electric mobility and business growth.

The world’s most renewable city is San Diego with generates 33 percent of its annual electricity needs from wind and solar, according to Deloitte. Los Angeles is second with 20 percent.

Companies are also increasingly turning their attention to renewable energy with many large corporations buying wind and solar power through power purchase agreements, according to the report. Two-thirds of the Fortune 100 have set renewable energy targets, signaling their commitment to wind and solar power.

source:  Chron